Charity back on track

The 2022 edition will also see the Lenovo Relay Marathon back. The 4-runner teams will be back on the race course with the only goal to support the NPOs and their social projects. The noncompetitive relay, with 4 legs of variable distance between 7 and 13 kilometres, is a colorful and joyful celebration.

The relay marathon is the beating heart of the Milano Marathon Charity Program, a fundraising project that enables all the participants to run for a nonprofit organization of their choice, contributing to the funding to be earmarked to charitable projects run by over 100 associations participating. In 2019, with more than 1.3 million euros raised, the Milano Marathon Charity Program was the biggest running-related fundraising event in Italy, and the second biggest in Europe after the London Marathon.

The Route

* The route could be modified for organizational needs or local authorities requests