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Our 10 good intentions for
Wizz Air Milano Marathon 2025

For the next edition of the Wizz Air Milano Marathon, we have a dream: to create an inclusive, sustainable and memorable event that inspires people of all ages to discover the joy of running and feel part of one big family.

Every step, every donation, every shared story
brings us closer to these goals

Participate in the marathon, tell your incredible stories, involve friends and family, take to the streets to make, together, the next edition of the Wizz Air Milano Marathon the biggest and most memorable ever! Let’s run together toward a better future!

10 good intentions

Here are our 10 resolutions for April 6, 2025, which we dream of achieving with your help:


To tell the whole world your wonderful stories. Your Marathon, Your Story

To make a celebration that increasingly involves the whole city of Milan

To organize an even more inclusive event, where every participant feels an active part

To surpass 10,000 registered participants in the marathon, the queen distance

To realise an event where sustainability s at the center

To achieve at least 20 percent female participation in the marathon

To spread the culture of giving and raise 2,000,000€ in donations on Rete del Dono platform

To Inspire new people to begin their journey in the running universe, from children to adults of all ages

To promote the city of Milan around the world

To give to all runners and Milan an unforgettable day