Fast and modern: a really special marathon

Milano Marathon confirms its strong points also in 2024: a fast and panoramic course that mostly runs in the heart of the city, medal and jersey for all finshers – the latter designed and produced in partnership with ASICS, the technical sponsor, a cutting-edge Marathon Village that turns into a modern and engaging running fair for three days.

But it also enhances them by adding, first of all, a more complete and rich training plan; the first of such trainings – the  32km Pavia-Milan Long Run -can be purchased for just 10€ (500 places available) in bundle with the registration!

The Route

Completely renewed from the 2015 edition, the loop course – with start and finish in the heart of the city centre, in the Giardini Montanelli park – has improved in detail, year after year, to offer all runners a modern and complete route that actually reconciles the top runners and advanced amateurs’ needs for a flowing course with the possibility of admiring and enjoying a city that is increasingly beautiful in its combination of historical and contemporary elements.

For many years now, Milano has been the fastest marathon in Italy and among the fastest on the international scene (the fastest in the world in the year 2021); every year many runners achieve their personal best in Milan.