At 20 you become even more responsible

Since 2013, the organization of the Milano Marathon has been the FIRST MARATHON IN EUROPE TO ACHIEVE RESPORT CERTIFICATION, a US-made certificate issued by the Council for Responsible Sport on the environmental and social sustainability of sporting events.

On the occasion of its 22 YEARS, Wizz Air Milano Marathon will strengthen the #RUNGREEN Project with a series of activities informed by SUSTAINABILITY in collaboration with institutions and partners.

climate partner certification

Until today…

65% recycled waste

790 tons CO2-neutralized emissions

127,750 l water consumption saved

70 kg of shoes collected for recycling

150 kg of paper saved through online registrations

“Retake Milan 2016” has cleaned up graffiti in the marathon areas

150 kg of clothes discarded by participants at the starting line donated

2,200 kg of food donated to charities

2022 Green Activities

Offset Activity

The first result of the carbon neutral certification process will be the identification of and investment in offset projects to neutralize the impact of non-reducible event-related CO2 emissions.

Selective Waste Collection

Milano Marathon’s strategic partnership with AMSA – Milan’s environmental services company in charge of waste collection – will be further enhanced to consolidate, measure and report on the activity, with the aim of showing to the participants and the whole community the remarkable work done to clean up the areas involved in the event and to reuse the waste.

Recycling Points

Within the Milan Running Festival and the Marathon Village, recycling points will be created in the start and finish areas of the marathon, so as to facilitate waste segregation and to encourage virtuous behavior by participants in terms of waste management and disposal.

School Marathon

The event open to children and teenagers – which this year will also include an educational plan for approaching and supporting the event – will have environmental sustainability as one of its pillars to promote a healthy and sporting as well as eco-sustainable lifestyle for kids, involving them in educational activities along with games and group activities such as plogging.

Green Oriented Procedures

Tutte le procedure e le indicazioni di Milano Marathon sia nella sua operatività che verso i partecipanti saranno improntate alla sostenibilità.

  • Promoting paperfree actions, with online-only registration and documentation, handbooks and digital information materials.
  • Using recycled materials to produce materials such as the clothing bag and the School Marathon race bag for kids.
  • Sustainable mobility both by using e-vehicles at the event and by facilitating access to the village, start/finish and relay handover areas by public transport (each of these places has an underground station nearby, and each marathon participant is given a day ticket).
  • Recovery of food not consumed during the days of the event.
  • Collection of used running shoes and clothing to be recycled;