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The streets of the Milano Marathon

The Generali Milano Marathon should have been on the 5th April but has been postponed to 11th April 2021 because of the health emergency due to Covid-19. The prestigious 20th edition will take place the next year.

The Generali Milano Marathon offers a modern and complete course, which combines the smoothness requested by top runners and fast amateurs, with the opportunity to admire and enjoy an increasingly beautiful city in its combination of historical and contemporary elements.

Awarded the Silver Label of the IAAF and the FIDAL Gold Label, Milano Marathon was the first Italian marathon included in the Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Rankings. By running along the streets of Milan, runners will have the opportunity to earn points to qualify for the World Age Group final.


Corso Venezia, Milan (9:00 a.m.)


Corso Venezia, Milan



The Kit included in the fee

Practical info

Frequently asked questions about the marathon


Participation is allowed for athletes aged 20 and over (and those who turn 20 in 2022). Requirements for participation vary depending on nationality, residence and membership (or less) for a Federation of Athletics.

Click here to open the explanatory document that we have prepared for you!

About the subscription

May I register the day of the race?

No, registrations will close at midnight on March 27, 2022. However, the organizer reserves the right to close registrations before the deadline or to accept entries after the deadline.

May I pay the registration fee when I pick up my bib number?

No, you have to pay in accordance with the payment procedures provided.

May I register even if I haven’t renewed my Athletics Federation license for 2022 yet?

Yes, it’s not required to enter information regarding the Athletics Federation license or Runcard number and the medical certificate at the moment of registration.

However, before the race you will have to to insert a valid Athletics Federation licence number or Runcard number. In case of registration with Runcard it will also be necessary to upload the medical certificate.

Persons registered earlier will be invited via e-mail to finalize their registration by entering the necessary missing information.

May I register even if I haven’t got a license or a Runcard or the medical certificate yet?

Yes, it’s not required to enter information regarding the Athletics Federation license or Runcard number and the medical certificate at the moment of registration.

However, before the race you will have to to insert a valid Athletics Federation licence number or Runcard number. In case of registration with Runcard it will also be necessary to upload the medical certificate.

Persons registered earlier will be invited via e-mail to finalize their registration by entering the necessary missing information.

How can I check if my registration was successful?

The online registration portal automatically sends an e-mail confirming registration when the payment is validated.

If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact us, to be sure that your e-mail can also receive the subsequent communications that we will send.

If I can’t participate, can I get a refund of the registration fee?

During the registration process you will be given the chance to purchase an insurance, at the cost of just 10 Euros, which will allow you to obtain the refund of the entry fee in case of cancellation of your participation for any reason.

If the cancellation is asked by February 3, 2022 the registration fee will be refunded 100%, otherwise 75%. The refund will be made within two months following the event.

Note: you don’t need to prove your impossibility to participate (eg by submitting a medical certificate), but the reimbursement must be requested through the appropriate form, available here

The following costs are not refundable:

  • the cost of the insurance itself (10 euros)
  • the cost of the online registration service (3 euros) and transaction costs (variable depending on the payment system chosen)
  • the cost of other paid options

The week before the race

The marathon confirmation letter

A few days before the race, all athletes enrolled will receive an e-mail valid as official “letter of confirmation”.

This email will contain all the basic instructions for the bib number pick-up and race participation. You do not need to print a hard copy of the email itself; you can bring it on a device like a smartphone or tablet.

Where can I pick-up my bib number?

You will be able to collect your bib (and the race pack) on the following days:

  • Thursday, March 31 from 4pm to 8pm
  • Friday, April 1 from 10am to 8pm
  • Saturday, April 2 from 9am to 7pm

at MiCo – Milan Convention Center. Detailed information to reach the exhibition pavilion will be provided shortly.

Can I pick-up the bib number on race day?

No, but you can request the home delivery of the bib. The service will cost only 10 Euros and must be requested during the finalization of your registration, by 13 March.

The shipment will be made exclusively in Italy. If you are not resident in Italy, you may want to request the delivery of the bib number at the hotel where you’ll be staying, warning them beforehand.

The shipment can be made exclusively for complete entries, containing all the required information and an approved medical certificate (for those runners who don’t have a license from an Athletics Federation).

In this case, the bag for your clothes will be sent you along with the bib number, while the goody bag can be collected in person after the marathon, at the exit of the technical area inside the Montanelli Gardens.

The great day

Getting to the start

BY SUBWAY. This is the system that we recommend: using the metro you’ll help the Milan Marathon to be more eco-friendly! The closest stops to the start are:

  • SAN BABILA and PORTA VENEZIA on line M1 (red)
  • CENTRALE on line M2 (green)

The PALESTRO stop of the M1 line (red) will not be usable, as it will remain closed for security reasons.

BY TRAIN (S-LINES). Even with these trains you can get close to the start area in a cheap and easy way. The train stop is PORTA VENEZIA, on the following s-lines:

  • line S1 (Saronno – Milano – Lodi)
  • line S2 (Mariano Comense – Milano – Milan Rogoredo)
  • line S5 (Varese – Milano – Treviglio)
  • line S6 (Novara – Milano – Treviglio)
  • line S12 (Melegnano – Milano Passante – Milano Bovisa)
  • line S13 (Pavia – Milano Bovisa)

BY TRAIN. From MILANO CENTRALE station you can reach the start area on foot in about 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can use the subway (yellow line M3) to one of the stops indicated above.

BY CAR. You definitely don’t want to reach the start area by car. If you can’t do without car, we suggest that you use the car parks available at numerous metro stations, which offer daily discount rates daily. You can find more information on the ATM website, here.

Safety procedures

In compliance with the provisions of the official communicate by the Ministry of the Interior NR. 555/0P/0001991/2017/1 (so-called “Circolare Gabrielli”) special safety procedures will be implemented. In particular:

  • every marathon runner will have to choose, when collecting their bib number, the gate through which to access the Montanelli Gardens, where the start/finish technical is located;
  • access to the Montanelli Gardens will have to take place through the gate selected from 7:00 am onwards;
  • marathon runners must show their bib number and the special card with the gate number to obtain access;
  • the organization does not guarantee access to the starting sectors in time for the athletes who will present themselves at the gate after 7:45 am;
  • it will not be allowed to bring inside the Montanelli Gardens any container (bag, backpack, etc.) other than the transparent bag provided by the organization (and marked with the appropriate label with your bib number), inside of which the single articles must be inserted in bulk, to allow an accurate and fast control by the security personnel.

How to check the bag with your personal clothes

You can use only the special transparent bag (size 40×60 cm) that will be delivered (or shipped, if you require this service) together with the bib. No other bags or backpacks will be accepted! Do not forget to identify the bag with the appropriate label stating your race number. After arrival, you can pick up the bag while exhibiting the bib number. Please remember that the bag must contain only the personal clothes that you will need after the race. We suggest that you do not leave any object of value in the bag: the organization will not be held liable for loss or theft of such objects.

Start procedure

Access to the start corrals will be possible from 8:00 a.m. until 8:55 a.m. Latecomers will have to start from the back of the group. The entrances to the “corrals” will be manned by volunteers who will check your race number to verify that you are entering the start corral that has been assigned to you. The start of the Milano Marathon 2020 will be given at 9 a.m.

In compliance with the Temporary Organizational Protocol – non Stadia published by FIDAL, several starting waves will be performed. Each group will not contain more than 2,000 athletes. The number of waves and the temporal separation between the different waves will be made known after the closing of registrations, when the number of athletes present in each starting sector will be clear.

The course

The Milano Marathon’s course is a single loop route, with start and finish in Corso Venezia, and minimal elevation changes. The course has been measured and approved at national and international level by official FIDAL and World Athletics/AIMS measurers. Every kilometer is marked with appropriate signage at the side of the road.

We remind you that the trajectory used for the measurement corresponds to the minimum distance travelled. It is virtually impossible that you can follow the same trajectory in the race, for which it is normal that your GPS watch records a distance travelled superior to 42.195 km even by several hundred meters.


Along the way, your passage times at km 10, at the half marathon (km 21.097) and at km 30 will be recorded. And of course we will record the final time on arrival.

Even if we will provide you the net time, please remember that according to the official rules, rankings will be based on the “gun time”, that is the time calculated from the starter’s gunshot.

Time limits

The time limit to finish the marathon is 6h30′. There are also two intermediate “gates”: at km 21.1 after 3h15 ‘of the race (about 12:15pm) and at km 27.8 after 4h20′ of the race (about 1:30pm). If, unfortunately, you do not respect the passage times at the gates, you may be invited by the staff to get on the buses for the retired athletes or, at least, to continue running on the pavement and not on the roadway.

We all know that it’s very unpleasant to be asked to quit the marathon, but please remember that our staff will do that, if necessary, to ensure your safety. After the times indicated above, in fact, the streets will gradually be re-opened to car traffic, according to the race authorization issued by the Municipality.

Refreshment and sponging stations

As per WA / FIDAL regulations, there are refreshment points at the finish and along the route, starting from km 5. At the refreshment points, athletes will be able to find: water, supplements, solid foods. The packaging of the products will be individual. Water will be present on all points. The refreshment points will not be more than 4 km apart.

For health reasons related to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are no sponging points this year.


Different groups of pacers will help marathon runners to maintain a constant pace and get to the finish line in the time established in advance. The pacers will be easily recognizable by their clothing an by colored balloons.

The pacers will be available for the following final times: 3h00’ | 3h10’ | 3h20’ | 3h30’ | 3h40’ | 3h50’ | 4h00’ | 4h15’ | 4h30’ | 4h45’ | 5h00’ | 5h30’ | 6h00’ | 6h30’. Choose the group most suited to your needs.

The target times are “official times” (i.e. from the starting gunshot) and any delay at the start will be recovered in the first half of the race.

Transport service for withdrawn athletes

Athletes with an injury or who want to leave the race can get on the “sweep bus” following the last runner to reach the next collection point (km 12.5 – km 21.2 – km 27.8). From there they will be transported to the finish area, where they can reclaim their bags and return their chips.

Athletes who are able to walk can reach the nearest collection point. Transportation to the finish area will start from the three collection points, respectively, at: 11:45 – 13:00 – 14:00.

Medical service

An adequate medical service will be guaranteed along the course, with fixed locations and emergency vehicles following the race, coordinated by I-HELP by BSO.

After the race

What happens at the end of the race?

A few meters after the finish line, you will be channeled into special lines along which these operations will take place.

  • finisher’s medal delivery
  • delivery of the thermal blanket (if advisable according to weather conditions)

Going on, you will find the medical area and then the refreshment point. Now, collect the bag with your personal belongings and, finally, reach the changing rooms and toilets.

Where can I find the results?

The intermediate and final times will be available in real time by following the appropriate links indicated on the website. Similarly, it will be possible to download the participation certificate.


Se sei iscritto alla maratona, puoi prenotare la tua visita agonistica a tariffa convenzionata (€ 63*) in tutte le sedi Cerba HealthCare, utilizzando il servizio di prenotazione online. Non correre il rischio di non poter partecipare! Prenota per tempo la tua visita medica, anche il giorno prima della gara…

* Per gli atleti MASTER (uomini over 40 e donne over 50) e per gli atleti guariti dal Covid-19 il costo è di euro 82 a causa degli esami aggiutivi previsti.