The route changes: we will run in the heart of the city.

 With an extra new format, the 10KM Competitive.

Milan, 20 Aprile 2021 – The Generali Milano Marathon has a few surprises in store. At less than one month to the appointment with the Special Edition on Sunday 16 May, RCS Sports & Events announces two important changes of the format: the course change and the introduction of the 10 kilometres Competitive.
The health priorities related to the current emergency, including the creation of a new vaccination centre in the City Life area in May, prompted the Organization, in agreement with Comune di Milano and Generali – Title Sponsor of the event since 2019 – to evaluate new logistics swiftly so as to carry out the event.
The Milanese marathon will shift its core to the town centre, in proximity of the Sforzesco Castle, with starts and finishes in Piazza del Cannone. This change let us redesign the route for the marathon runners, represented by élite and amateur runners with a time lower than 2h45’, in an area that hosted some race finishes until 2014.
The outcome of this change is a new circuit with an approx. 7-kilometre loop, to be raced 6 times so as to cover the classic 42.195 metres.
The élite race start is scheduled at 6.30 am and will include a maximum of 120 athletes, as announced a month ago.
A distinguishing feature of this Special Edition is definitely its rich format. In addition to the marathon, the relay marathon, and the ANYWHERE race formula, a 10KM Competitive race is also included.
The competitive athletes, complying with the FIDAL requirements – i.e., FIDAL membership or Run Card holders – are given the possibility to race on the same roads where the top runners have raced just a few hours earlier. A unique chance for many passionate runners who, in the same day of one of the most eagerly awaited international events, will be able to run, with the same energy and the same enthusiasm as always, on a fast and appealing course. The start of this race is scheduled at 9.30 a.m. and will include two 5-kilometre loops with the finish in Piazza del Cannone, in front of one of the iconic places of Milan. Like in the Relay marathon, the registration cost for the 10KM Competitive includes a share to be donated to one of the NPOs participating in the Milano Marathon Charity Program. The participants will be given the race kit with the bib number and the Under Armour technical jersey, as well as a medal at the finish line.
The Lenovo Relay Marathon and its ANYWHERE variant will also will be subject to some changes due to the change of route.
The route for each relay runner will amount to a quarter of the marathon distance: each team member will run the same distance, without any difference among the relay runners. It is a distance