Finally this week the registrations to the Europ Assistance Relay Marathon, scheduled on the same day of the Generali Milano Marathon, on 7th April 2019, are going to be opened.

The Europ Assistance Relay Marathon is a relay race that allows to divide the 42 km and 195 mt of the Milano Marathon route in 4 fractions each one of between 7 and 13 km and is dedicated to those who want to play an active role in a big sport event and also support the Milano Charity Program.

Since 2008 the relay marathon is strictly connected to the Milano Charity Program, the fundraising project which allows all the runners to run for a non-profit organization of their choice, contributing to the fundraising allocated for the single supportive projects.

The Charity Program has as its main technical partner the Rete del Dono platform, the biggest crowdfunding platform in Italy, which helps Charities to promote and communicate the activities connected to Milano Marathon.

Also in 2019 the registration will be possible exclusively through one of the more than one hundred NonProfit Organizations enrolled in the Milano Marathon Charity Program. The fee is established freely by each Charity: it is not a simple entry fee, in fact, but a real donation in favor of one of the many projects that you can choose to support.

Click here for more info on the Europ Assistance Relay Marathon.