To all the subscribers of the Generali Milano Marathon

We have sent an e-mail to all the subscribers with the instructions to finalize your entry.

If you have not received our e-mail related to the finalization of entry, first check all your e-mail accounts, even in the junk mail folder!

If there is no trace of our e-mail, click here. Search for your date of birth in the first column. If there are multiple people registered who were born on the same day, check the first 4 letters of the last name in the second column. In the third column you will find your booking code.

At this point, click here, enter your e-mail address and the booking code you have found, and click the blue button “Check my entry”. Then, click the “Edit my entry” button to access the registration form.

Within the form, the sections to be updated to finalize the registration are highlighted IN YELLOW.

In the “PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS” section, answer “Yes” to the question “Are you ready to finalize your entry?” and enter the requested information.

The participation requirements are explained in detail in this document, which on the other hand you should have read carefully before registering (the link was clearly marked with a red button on the registration form).

Performing the procedure you will be able to:

1) Enter the membership card details (FIDAL / Athletics Federation of foreign country / Runcard / “sport-tourism” participation).

2) Upload the medical certificate, if you have selected the Runcard membership or “sport-tourism” participation in point 1.

3) Change the qualifying time based on which you will be assigned the starting sectorDEADLINE: Sunday, March 22.

4) Request the advance shipping of the bib number (ATTENTION: only destinations in Italy are accepted). Shipping costs 10 euros and payment must be made by credit card. DEADLINE: Sunday, March 15.

We invite you to finalize your entry as soon as possible, in order to give our operators the time necessary to verify the information provided. If the information is valid, your registration will change from “Incomplete” to “Complete” status. Otherwise, you will be notified via e-mail of the problem relating to the data indicated.

Thanks for the precious collaboration!